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“Don and his crew are wonderful. They arrive on time, are neat, and get my windows sparkling clean. We always recommend them.”

“Don’s team is very professional.
They arrive on time, and they work hard while they are here.
My windows always look so sparkling clean when they leave.
Thank you!”
– Jeanne Stuemke, Lakeway :: Client for 4 years!

“Always great! Wonderful to see the world again each time they’re here!!”
– Joan Ewen, Lakeway :: Client for 18 years!

“They service our exterior every 3 months & interior annually. Excellent work & friendly staff.”
– Kilbane, Westlake Hills :: Client for 9 years!

“Always dependable. Do a good job!”
— Virginia B. Goerver, Lakeway (The Hills) :: Client for 12 years!

“I have been very pleased with the service. Very nice people to work with, and they clean my windows very well and in a short time.”
– Barbara Hinds, Lakeway :: Client for 5 years!

“I have been very pleased with the service Don and his crew have provided. They are on time and do a great job.”
– Julia, Lakeway :: Client for 3 years!

“I manage 20 waterfront properties & Dependable Window Cleaning keeps our lake views crystal clear.
They continue to give me excellent service year after year.”
– Steve LeBreton, Lake Travis :: Client for 12 years!

“Dependable Window Cleaning Service provided a timely and professional service each occasion they were called. I do not hesitate to refer them for window cleaning service.”
– Bobbye Meek, Lakeway :: Client for 2 years!

“Don is very dependable – Does very good work and I have no complaints – would recommend to everyone.”
– Chuck Doubrava, Lakeway :: Client for 6 years!

“Dependable Window guys are pleasant, easy to be around and trustworthy. They work hard and always do a fine job.”
– Kathleen Grigson, Westlake Hills :: Client for 11 years!

“Don and crew have been cleaning for me for 15 years and of course always do a great job. Friendly and dependable.”
– Tracy Werdenberg :: Client for 15 years!

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